Writing Society: Ethics and Politics of Research in Precarious Times

Call for Applications for Symposium and Writing Workshop

Venue: Minerva Han, Sabanci University, Istanbul

Date: 9-12 September 2019

Leyla Neyzi (Sabanci University and University of Glasgow)
Zerrin Özlem Biner (University of Kent)
Başak Ertür (Birkbeck & Centre for Democracy and Peace Research)

This is a call for applications for a British Academy funded symposium and workshop entitled “Writing Society: Ethics and Politics of Research in Precarious Times”. The aim of this event is to bring together established scholars with early career academics and advanced graduate students from/in Turkey for a collective exploration of the relationship between writing and the politics and ethics of research. At time when the effects of the forced abandonment of universities have been particularly onerous on emerging scholars in Turkey, we wish to offer support by providing a context for self-reflection, meaningful engagement with and new networks for research, and assistance with securing research grants and publishing.

The event will include four strands of activities. The first will be a creative non-fiction writing workshop led by renowned academic Avery F. Gordon, a space to reflect on and experiment with different forms of presenting research. The second will be feedback sessions in which established scholars will offer commentary to emerging scholars on a draft article or dissertation chapter submitted in advance. The third strand of the event will be a symposium in which established scholars will speak about their experiences with research, fieldwork, writing and ethics. The fourth strand will be a grant proposal writing workshop led by an experienced research development expert, Alexandra Leduc-Pagel from University of Kent.

Confirmed participants include Umut Tümay Arslan (Mimar Sinan University), Fatmagül Berktay (Istanbul University), Özge Biner (École des hautes études en sciences sociales), Eddie Bruce-Jones (Birkbeck, University of London), Avery F. Gordon (University of California Santa Barbara), Stef Jansen (University of Manchester), Gail Lewis (Birkbeck, University of London), Carole McGranahan (University of Colorado), Daniela Peluso (University of Kent), Ruba Salih (SOAS, University of London). We hope that this event will result in a publication, such as a journal special issue or book, with contributions from all participants.

We welcome applications from early career academics and advanced graduate students (including M.A. and PhD students) in the social sciences and humanities, particularly anthropology, sociology, legal studies, history, political science and media and communication studies. Applicants need not be currently affiliated with or enrolled at an institution of higher education. Priority will be given to work that is self-reflexive about methods and ethics of doing research and writing in Turkey today. Participants are expected to join all sessions throughout the event. For participants from outside Istanbul, expenses for travel and accommodation (four nights from 8 to 11 September) will be fully covered.

Applicants should send the following documents to writing@cdpr.org.uk by 21 June 2019:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Abstract of max. 300 words (for the draft article or dissertation chapter you wish to submit to the feedback sessions)
  • Letter of reference (from a dissertation supervisor or colleague in relevant field)
  • Writing sample (this could be a previously written article or shorter assignment on a different subject)

Applicants will be informed about the results of their application by 24 June 2019

Successful applicants will be asked to submit a draft article or draft dissertation chapter of maximum 8000 words by 23 August 2019 to writing@cdpr.org.uk. The timely submission of draft written work is a requirement for participation in the event.