What do we aim

CDPR supports critical knowledge production within and beyond universities. We interrogate existing borders of academy within established structures on universities, and encourage both non-conventional works within academy, and academics going outside of these structures and reaches to society through creative and resistant practices. We support off-university practices, ideas from academics that produces outside of universities, ideas of academics that has been expelled from universities because of exercising their human right to free speech, ideas that develop within universities, but faces with layers of oppression, direct or indirect silencing, harassment or threats because of the political or social implications of its content.

What do we do

Through the project “Writing the Society: Research Ethics And Politics in Vulnerable Times” we are organising a series of symposiums and workshops in Turkey for MA and PhD students whose thinks on, engages with and experiences difficulties because of the content of their work. The programme is supported by the British Academy with a budget of 20,000 GBP. The aim of this event is to bring together established scholars with early career academics and advanced graduate students from/in Turkey for a collective exploration of the relationship between writing and the politics and ethics of research. At time when the effects of the forced abandonment of universities have been particularly onerous on emerging scholars in Turkey, we wish to offer support by providing a context for self-reflection, meaningful engagement with and new networks for research, and assistance with securing research grants and publishing.

CDPR aims to continue with these workshops in the future.