The Centre for Democracy and Peace Research supports ideas, people, and initiatives that are committed to develop, advocate and facilitate academic freedom and critical knowledge production. The CDPR is committed to sustain high ethical and professional standards, including equality, independence, transparency and integrity, in all of its internal and external relations. This commitment binds all individuals acting in the name of the CDPR, its trustees and its staff.

The CDPR stands against any form of discrimination based on class, race, gender and gender orientation and other identities. The CDPR regards peace and equality as its fundamental values.

The CDPR is transparent with all funding it receives. As a registered charity, the CDPR publishes an annual financial report, showing the annual income and expenditure. In cases that the full disclosure of grant-provider(s) puts the beneficiaries at risk, the CDPR attends to the rules of confidentiality in its public declaration of the funders/beneficiaries.