Centre for Democracy and Peace Research aims to  promote advancement of education and human rights in the UK, Turkey and elsewhere.

Aims and objectives of the CDPR

– promotes discussion, research, writing and critical thinking, facilitates exchange of knowledge and networking,
– facilitates production, publication and dissemination of independent and critical research through providing grants in particular those of underrepresented groups and individuals within academia,
– engages itself to capacity building activities through providing trainings, workshops, grants and other forms of support systems in civil society field in line with organizations that are considered as charitable under the UK charity laws,
– provides academic/occupational trainings, mentoring, leisure–time activities and facilities including assistance with the English language training, writing for peer reviewed Journals, training in research methodologies to the scholars working in/on Turkey,
– engages itself to other forms of activities that are considered non-political under the UK charity laws.

CDPR supports

– Academics and researchers based in higher education institutions and NGOs as well as independent researchers
– Scholars facing risks and threats as a result of the content of their work, their status as academics or as a result of their peaceful exercise of the right to freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom of assembly
– Academics and researchers with a clear commitment to organisation’s ethical values and objectives